I am a fourth generation horsewoman, wife, mum to three kids, five border collies and eight horses who all live on our small farm in the beautiful south west region of WA.   

Pet Portrait Art and Photography has been my chosen profession for nearly twenty years, it’s not just a weekend job or part time hobby, it is the career that I have dedicated my life to, so rest assured you are hiring an experienced professional who will achieve the results your pet deserves.

I’ve always been surrounded by animals, right from babyhood when I was bottle fed me alongside an orphaned foal and a German Shepherd puppy who grew up to be my closest childhood friend and my first experience with the pain and grief of loosing a beloved companion.   

Over the years I have developed an intuitive understanding of dogs and horses, my experience with different breeds, personalities, temperaments and training levels allows me to work with your special pet in a way that is fun, stress free and within their own personal comfort zones – your pet’s comfort, happiness and safety is always my priority!

Quintessence chestnut arab horse riding.
Tessa, my heart horse.

A down to earth old country girl at heart, I am not afraid to get on the ground, get dirty, wet or covered in mud and sloppy kisses in order to get amazing photographs of your pet!

I genuinely love to talk to other pet parents about all the fun things you do together and everything that makes them so special – hearing the details of their story lets me to capture in images all the little things you love most.

I understand the close bond you share with your special pet and how important they are in your life.  Sadly I also know how fragile and short theirs can be.  I know from personal experience that photographs are the best way to preserve the special connection and help keep their  memory alive long after they have gone.   

Raj - chestnut pony inside the house

My expertise and knowledge of art, eye for design and slightly obsessive-compulsive attention to detail means that you will have beautiful, gallery quality products that will not only stand the test of time, but will be meaningful, custom artwork that suits your personal style, taste and décor that you will be proud to display in your home.

I am an Accredited PCAWA Photographer with current Working with Children Clearance, registered ABN and Public Liability Insurance. 

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