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My vision is to transform your precious memories into beautiful, expressive art that you will treasure forever.

As a professional artist & photographer since 2004, capturing personality, character and emotional connection is the focus of my art in every medium I work with.

I strive to create meaningful art that portrays pets and their people in a way that shows not just what they look like, but who they really are.

I have decades of personal experience with kids with ASD and ADHD, horses of different breeds and high energy, reactive dogs and I understand the concerns you have about a photography session and can assure you that no matter how sensitive, energetic or crazy active yours are, I will be able to create beautiful photographs that you are guaranteed to love.

The most valuable thing we have is time and nothing marks its passing quite like being a pet owner and a parent.

On a personal level, I'm a coffee loving, down to earth old country girl with wild, uncontrollable curly hair and a good sense of humour.  Happily married, mum of 3 amazing young adults, 5 border collies and 6 horses who all live on our small farm in the beautiful south west of WA.

A fourth generation horsewoman (as a baby I was bottle fed alongside an orphan foal and a GSD puppy) with cavalry ancestors on the other side of my family, my lifelong love of horses is literally in my blood.

I'm that crazy animal lady who stops traffic to let lizards and ducklings cross the road, a chaser of light & visual storyteller who loves working with authentic people who love the land and their two & four-legged family as much as I love mine.

If you would love natural, expressive, personality filled photographs of those most important to you, please get in touch.

I'd love to help tell your unique story with beautiful photographs that will become your most treasured family heirlooms.


PS: Yep, that's me as a baby - on a horse before I could walk and probably when I fell in love with these beautiful animals.  The chestnut arab is my princess pony, Ruby Park Quintessence, the first horse I started under saddle myself and my 'once in a lifetime' horse.