My goal is to create beautiful art that will keep the memory of your special pet with you always.

I’m a fourth generation horsewoman, wife, mum to three kids (22, 18 and 16), five border collies and eight horses who all live on our farm in the beautiful south west region of WA.  I’ve always had animals in my life, right from babyhood when I was bottle fed alongside an orphaned foal and a German Shepherd puppy who grew up to be my closest childhood friend.  

The unlimited patience and intuitive understanding of horses and dogs that I have developed through a lifetime shared with these beautiful animals ensures your photography experience will be enjoyable, convenient and stress free for both you and your beloved pet.


Portrait Art (traditional pencils, pastel, acrylics and oils) and Photography has been my chosen profession for nearly twenty years, it’s not just a weekend job or part time hobby, it is the career that I have dedicated my life to.

Quintessence chestnut arab horse riding.
Tessa, my beautiful arab mare

Photography became my primary art medium in 2007 when my beautiful heart dog, Taj, joined our family and changed our lives forever.

Taj was a fluffy black and white bundle of pure joy, excitement and happiness that was desperately needed in our lives at a time when we were dealing with my husband’s traumatic and life threatening illness.  Taj helped us through some very challenging time, he was the reason five other border collies have since joined our family, the reason we left Perth to live on a farm in the south west and the reason I started photographing dog and horse sports and specialised in pet portrait photography.

His tragic and unexpected passing on 28 October 2013 left a huge, painful void that words can’t describe.  His loss is still painful, but I am forever grateful that I have so many beautiful photos to remind me of the things I loved most about him, the fun we had and the unconditional love he gave during his time in our family.

Nothing will ever replace him, but his photographs are now treasured possessions that remind us of the joy he bought to our lives and make us smile at his memory – and for that they are absolutely priceless.

I am honoured to be able to provide other pet parents with a tangible expression of the special connection, joy and unconditional love they share with a special pet that will keep his or her memory alive long after their time on earth has passed.  


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