Precious memories fade.  Beautiful art lasts forever.

Is your horse the most beautiful creature in the world who deserves to be immortalised in beautiful timeless art?

Maybe you've been thinking of updating your family photographs but dread dragging everyone to a boring studio session and hate the idea of stiff, awkward posing, harsh studio lights and forced fake smiles?

If you love natural, expressive, authentic, personality filled photographs, then my lifestyle sessions may be exactly what you are looking for.  And because I know how chaotic and busy life is, I take care of everything for you from start to finish to save you time & stress.

I will be honest with you and say, if you are only looking for some digital files to share on social or keep on a usb in a drawer somewhere, then I am probably not the best choice of photographer for you. 

Because I Believe.

  • I believe digital files are fleeting and impermanent
  • I believe that photographs are not finished art until they are printed
  • I believe printed photographs are tangible memories that will last more than a lifetime
  • I believe mothers need to Exist in Photos with their children - no matter how we think we may look
  • I believe the value of printed photographs of our two & four legged family cannot be measured in dollars or words

Above all, I know the pain of loosing loved ones. I have experienced the day when photographs are all I have had left.  I know first hand that with the passing of time, our photos become priceless.

It has always been important to me to create art that means something.

I'm a life long artist who fell in love with photography as a young kid when developing photos as prints or slides was the only way to see them.

Professional portrait artist (mostly pets in traditional pencils, pastels, acrylic & oils) and photographer since 2004, happily married, mum to 3 amazing young adults (the youngest we homeschooled through high school), 5 border collies and 7 horses who all live on our small farm in the beautiful south west of WA.

I am seriously technology challenged, down to earth old country girl with wild, totally uncontrollable curly hair, fourth generation horsewoman (as a baby I was bottle fed alongside an orphan foal and a german shepherd puppy my mum was raising) who loves connecting with genuine, authentic, down to earth people who value their two and four legged family as much as I do mine.

If that sounds like you, I'd love to chat about turning your most precious memories into beautiful heirloom quality art for your home!


Men's Health - Meeting with friends is good for health

All men are now looking forward: an investigation by the Oxford University revealed that the well-being of men improves significantly when they meet with their friends at least twice a week. It is important that a meeting is held where something is done. This promotes men's health immensely.

Men who maintain a social group are, according to the report, healthier, recover faster from diseases and are more generous. Unfortunately, most men do not manage to do this men's health and thus meet with their friends, so it is only a week with friends. This is not a big circle of friends, but the regularity of the meetings.

However, the men's health meeting should consist of a maximum of 5 people. The social ties to the mates can be shaped by some great activities, which strengthens the group and makes our men happy! The activities can range from team sports to simple "drinking beer", and this just twice a week. It is also important for men's health that the 4 or 5 closest and most important friends are involved. So dear men, go out and meet with your friends, it is healthy for you!

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