Precious memories fade.  Beautiful art lasts forever.

Have you been thinking of updating your family photographs but dread the idea of dragging the family to a boring studio session where you will have to awkwardly pose, force fake smiles and try not to freak out when the kids decide a game of chasey around all the studio equipment is much more fun?

If what you really dream of is natural, expressive, vibrant, true to life, authentic photographs of your family & pets at a beautiful location that actually means something to you, then my candid 'lifestyle with a touch of documentary’ photography sessions may be exactly what you are looking for.

I will be honest with you and say that if you are only looking for a few digital photos to share on social media, then I am not the best choice of photographer for you. 

I believe that photographs are not completed art until they are printed, I believe mothers need to Exist in Photos with their children and above all I believe the value of printed photographs of our two and four legged family cannot be measured in dollars or in words.  

I've been a professional portrait artist and photographer since 2004, I’m a happily married mum of 3 amazing young adults, 5 border collies and 7 horses and we live on a farm in the beautiful south west.  Between us all we have a long list of ‘alphabet diagnoses’, so if you have been putting off family portraits because your child has a physical, behavioural or learning difficulty or your dog is high energy and fear aggressive or your hubby thinks the idea of a family photo session is about as exciting as watching grass grow - then let’s chat.

Chances are, I can relate to your situation from personal experience and will be able to plan your session to suit your family’s unique needs and create beautiful portraits you will absolutely love and be proud to show off to your family and friends.

And because I remember how chaotic and busy life is with young kids, I take care of everything from start to finish to save you time & stress - all you have to do is turn up, have some fun with your family then enjoy your beautiful custom artwork that will one day become your family legacy!  Sound good?

 Let's Chat!