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My First Ever Blog Entry :)

Yah for me, I’ve finally joined the rest of the world and started my own blog. LOL, I really have NO idea what I am doing, but I guess I’ll learn as I go along, right? I’m not sure that I can manage to update daily (probably don’t have that much of interest happening in my life on a daily basis), but I think I can manage a couple of entries a week:)

Actually, one of the reasons that I have finally created a blog is to keep a bit of a diary on my artwork, not so much the pet portrait commissions that I do, but on my personal choice artwork. Not only a visual diary, but also as a bit of a record of the thoughts and emotions that go into creating an artwork. I know that many artists who work by commission end up loosing their enjoyment of their art because it becomes a job just like any other, so I am setting myself a personal challenge to produce at least two pieces just for me every month. I’d love to be able to do more, but my style is highly detailed, realistic and very time consuming, so two pieces is a realistic goal at least for the rest of this year.

On the other hand, I’m determined to teach myself how to paint to a professional level with acrylics and pastels, both of which should be much quicker than my main mediums, graphite and colour pencils (no, not the kind you had in primary school!). So when the kids go back to school in February and I have a little bit more time, I’m might just up the challenge to one piece per week. LOL – I don’t think I will ever be one of these artists who can create a painting in a couple of hours, unless of course I start going abstract!

But for now, I guess I should have a bit of a wander around and work out how to set this whole blog thing up so it looks halfway decent!



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