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The original oil painting ‘Angel in Blue’ is one of my favourite traditional oil paintings on canvas that I have done. Unlike many artists who will re-visit a painting they have created in the past and paint it again in a larger size or different medium, I very rarely, if ever do this…possibly because the traditional art mediums that I use (charcoal, graphite, color pencils, acrylic and oil paints) and the detailed style that I paint in take so many hours to create that I just have never had the desire to become that familiar with the image again!

However digital painting is proving to be so much fun and so liberating, LOL somedays I just think my artistic muse must be on speed;) Or maybe something else a bit funny if the contemporary digital modifications that I have made to a photo of my American Staffordshire Terrier oil painting ‘Angel in Blue’ is any indication;)

digitally altered traditional oil painting

Funky Angel

While I still prefer the traditional oil painting version (and I am not sure if this version will appear anywhere else but in this blog post), my creative spirit is having so much fun that I feel somewhat compelled to share some of my experiments!  This is not a simple photo manipulation using one click filters or adjustments in photoshop, I have added all the new colours  to the photo and re-painted and blended them in this very funky version of Angel.  Nice and bright, hey?

Angel American Staffordshire Terrier Dog Painting

The original Traditional oil painting Angel in Blue

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