Thoroughbred Horse | Equine Pet Portrait in Pencil

Finally here is the last of the graphite pencil drawings I did before my daughter’s accident, its taken a while to post it I know, but better late than never;)

This is not the best image of the drawing, it is a photograph of the drawing, I had quite a bit of trouble getting a suitable image of this one as graphite is so reflective.  My scanner made it look very scratchy and textured and even the photograph (although better than the scan) looks to have more texture than the original drawing which actually has smooth blended pencil strokes and much smoother tonal transitions.

thoroughbred horse pencil drawing

Thoroughbred Horse Pet Portrait sketch © 2010 Michelle Wrighton

I have some new graphite horse drawings (Clydesdales in harness) and a freisian cow that I hope to start on next week – or at least as soon as I finish a couple of digital portraits that I am still working on that are just not coming together the way I want them too.

I’ve also started to throw some paint on canvas in order to learn some new painting techniques – I’ve lost enthusiasm for painting in thin glazes (layers) and taking weeks on end to finish a painting so I plan to develop my skills painting alla prima/wet in wet and also plein air landscapes.  Suffice it to say that at the moment I think it was easier to paint photo-realistically (you just paint what you see)  than it is to paint more…painterly with less detail and more textured brushstrokes while still creating an end result that looks like what its meant to look like (as opposed to looking like an abstract pile of mud!)

I would love to follow in the footsteps of the Daily Painters and create a small painting every day as that is the best way to develop new skills and techniques, as well as see tangible development over time.  I know that I can’t commit to a daily painting, but I do have a goal in mind of 100 small paintings in this new, less detailed , more painterly ‘loose’ style – not sure how long it will take to complete, but as they say its the journey thats important not the destination, so as long as I enjoy the process and learn something along the way then its time well spent.

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