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Tara – Colour Pencil Cat Portrait Painting

Tara Cat

Original colour pencil painting on drafting film of our cat “Tara”. The look on her face is priceless and a very typical ‘Tara’ look. Tara is not your average friendly physically affectionate cat, and for good reason. Tara and her litter mates were dumped in the bush as kittens when they were 6-8 weeks old, and eight years later she still hasn’t totally overcome her mistrust of humans.

Tara Cat

Tara is quite attached to our family in her own way, she is very timid, dosen’t like to be touched or picked up. It has taken a lot of patience and gentle persistence and as long as we don’t push her to do anything she dosen’t want to do, she seems to be quite happy being close to us without being a lap cat.

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