Equine Art – Tessa’s portrait in progress

Its been quite a while since I have painted a horse in acrylics, but I have recently been inspired to paint my beautiful arab mare, Tessa. Actually, she is such an inspiring muse and I have had such fun painting this one that I have several more planned, maybe even a series based on her.  Her registered name is Ruby Park Quintessence.  The name and meaning of the word “Quintessence”, added to just how special this beautiful mare is, strikes me as a very inspiring theme for a series.

After drawing the image on sketch paper, I transfer the final sketch to the watercolour paper.

Step by step arab horse portrait painting

This painting is 8″ x 13″ approx on Blue Lake Watercolour paper.

I’ve deliberately tried to work a bit looser with this, trying to find the happy medium between adding in enough detail without making it photo-realistic.  That is a much harder task than it might seem!

Horse painting in progress Arab horse portrait in acrylics work in progress

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