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Farm Life – Jersey Cow with mastitis

Farm supplies treating milk fever and mastitis in jersey cow

Poor Holly has freshened (had her calf) with mastitis in her right rear quarter – the same one that she injured last year.  The quarter is hot and very tender to touch, and her calf is not drinking from it (probably because it tastes gross).  I’ve been stripping out as much as I can every few hours through the day, have made up a poultice of essential oils and cayenne pepper in lard to help the swelling and inflammation and have obtained a small countries annual income worth of antibiotics and medication from the vet.

This colour liquid is definitely NOT what you want to see coming out of your milking cow when the other three quarters are producing white milk.

Jersey Cow Mastitis fluid

Including injections.  Multiple injections.  Multiple DAYS of having to give injections.  Oh, and did I mention the borderline milk fever that we suspect she has…which means, yep, more injections:/

I can deal with most things to do with my farm animals from drenching and marking to turning a mis-presented calf or lamb but being able to give injections is not one of them.

I.  Just.  Can’t.  Do.  It.

Except I have no choice this time, I have too.  My husband who is chief injection giver on the farm is in hospital again, so I guess I am going to get a really good education in needling a cow over the next week 🙁

Farm supplies treating milk fever and mastitis in jersey cow
Injections of anti-biotics, anti-inflammatories, more CMPk (calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and calcium to treat the milk fever) and antibiotic teat infusions.
Jersey cow with mastitis and milk fever
Poor Holly 🙁


  1. nishantisudhakar
    September 13, 2016

    Dear Mrs. Wrighton,
    I’m writing to get your permission to use the photograph of the mastitis fluid from Holly, in my project report about bovine mastitis.

    Also, I hope Holly is doing well now!

    Thank you!


    1. Michelle Wrighton
      September 29, 2016

      Hi Nishanti

      I normally only allow use of my photographs on commercial terms, but I am happy for you to use the image of the mastitis fluid for for your project report about bovine mastitis. Unfortunately although we tried everything to save her, Holly developed other complications and did not survive.




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