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Farm Life – More Vet Visits

Bolts surgical injury stitches

We don’t seem to be having much luck with our pets lately:( Poor Bolt earned a visit and overnight stay at the vets for surgery to fix a great big hole that he ripped in his side.  He was running with the other Border Collies and it seems that he ran straight into the trailer.

The injury looked fairly small from the outside, but when the vet opened it up to clean before suturing, he found that it went right the way through and only just stopped short of the peritoneum.  So in that respect, I think we are very lucky that the injury wasn’t any worse than it was.  While at the vets I picked up another truck load of medications for Holly’s mastitis, so that saved a vet call out to the farm as well.  There has to be a bright side right?

Poor Bolt 🙁 Keeping an active working dog quiet and restrained for several weeks so his injury and stitches can heal is going to be…interesting.

Bolts surgical injury stitches

Dog surgical incision stitches

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