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Forest Light – iPad Painting and Process Video

Forest Light Landscape Paintingcreated on iPad in Procreate

I am thoroughly enjoying using my iPad to paint with and I am really amazed at how powerful the Procreate app is.  I normally paint digitally on one layer, just like I do on an old fashioned canvas, usually only using layers to test things out before applying to the layer I am working on.  Most digital artists utilise layers extensively as they do have huge benefits and speed up work flow, but I usually end up getting confused, working on the wrong layer and causing myself for more trouble than its worth (that’s part of the reason I consider myself a traditional artist who paints digitally, rather than a digital artist…although my Aspergers daughter assures me that the distinction is irrelevant semantics).

Forest Light Landscape Paintingcreated on iPad in Procreate

But I am trying to use layers a bit more in different pieces just to see if I can make them work for me…LOL not sure how this will go as I really LOATHE learning how computer programs work. Coming to grips with the computer program side of things is the thing about digital paint programs that I don’t like. Even updated versions send me into hiding – I had Painter X3 for literally months before I even opened it up and still prefer Painter 12 because I know my way around it better. And don’t get me started on the trials and tribulations of updating the iOS on my phone and iPad!

All of that to say, this painting is one that I painted in Procreate using layers, and I even have a video of how I painted it thanks to the clever Procreate developers. The video is high speed (I don’t paint anywhere near that fast!), but shows pretty well the difficulty that I have in using layers the way they are meant to be used and putting different elements of the painting on their rightful layer;)

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