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Farm Life – Goodbye Cows

Red and Black Dexter Cows and Bulls

Sold the cows.  Had hay delivered.  Fixed the electric fence.  Changed the fuel filter on the quad bike.  Feeling accomplished, capable, exhausted and sad.

Red and Black Dexter Cows and Bulls

It was very sad to see most of our little herd of cows leave, especially as I had to sell them at a fraction of their market value just to have them off the property today before I head back to Perth, but it was a necessity and in some ways a relief. My husband is seriously ill in hospital and as I am back and forward to spend time with him and back to look after the kids, I can’t leave family and friends with the responsibility of daily feeding and care of so many cows, especially when two of them are bulls. Dexters may be a small breed, but bulls are still bulls.

I have kept Matilda and our big steer Bangers in the hope that Matilda is in calf and might make a replacement for our Jersey house cow Holly later in the year.  Bangers will keep her company until then because its not fair to keep one cow by itself when they have been used to living in a herd.

Dexter cross Jersey steer calf

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