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arabian horse riding

I normally won’t post photos of myself on the internet, even on Facebook, but I do occasionally make exceptions when the photo also involves the divine Miss Tessa, and its been way too long since I have ridden regularly that I feel the need to celebrate!

I’ve only just recently started riding her on an arena and doing dressage, circles and flatwork, up until now all we have done is trail riding.  I am so pleased with how she is coming along, especially considering the lack of work that she has had in the past few months while my husband has been in and out of hospital. As you can see from the dry, dusty paddocks we are in desperate need of some rain here on the farm.

Chestnut arab horse dressage training

Quintessence chestnut arab horse riding.

Training chestnut arab mare under sadle

Training chestnut arab mare under sadle

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