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Farm Life – Sunrise and Rainbows

Panaramic sunrise rural landscape photograph.

It’s been a long dry summer, the worst that we have seen since we moved to the farm.  Water has been a big issue in a number of ways this year.  Firstly we ran out of water in the livestock tank and had to pump in from a neighbour’s dam that is uphill from us, then we had leaks from water pipes to the stock tanks, then the water pump that pumps the water around the property to the stock tanks died while my husband was in hospital.  I had to snaffle the smaller water pump from my studio just to make sure the horses, cows and sheep had water (which they were consuming at an alarming rate due to the extreme summer heat) until I could purchase a new one and get it fitted.

Our house tank ran close to dry for the first time this year, even though we have all been rationing water with strictly limited showers and only washing the essential clothes for months.  Many people on farms around here have been carting in water for quite some time, but there is a wait time of several weeks, by which time the rains hopefully will have started.  The other problem with carting in water is that it a) tastes disgusting compared to the rainwater we are accustomed too and the sheer volume will contaminate our rainwater when the season finally breaks (and at close to $500 I wouldn’t be inclined to empty it before it rains!)

Obviously over the years the pipes have not been flushed with the first rains each year, so the bottom of our large rainwater tank has collected dust and dirt from the roof, making the water taste like muddy dam water.  Luckily my studio has its own small rainwater tank so we were able to get our drinking water from there for the last few months.

So after all of that, you can imagine how we feel about finally having just a little bit of rain, and seeing this beautiful rainbow over our farm.  And as you can see from the photo at the top of this post – colour filled sunrise on the farm is AMAZING!

Rainbow and cloudy sky over agricultural farmland landscape.

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