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Australian and International Fulfillment Centers for Pixels/FAA

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I am very pleased to announce that Pixels-Fine Art America now has a Global Fulfillment Network of 14 fulfillment centres in 5 different countries around the world – including Australia, Canada, USA, United Kingdom and Europe!

This is fantastic news as it now means that orders are shipped from the fulfillment facility closest to the order destination to reduce shipping costs, import taxes and shipping times.  This is an ideal opportunity to send gifts to friends and loved ones living overseas as the

Australian orders of Canvas prints, framed prints, prints, posters and phone cases are now shipped from Australian printers within 2-5 business days!

Orders of canvas prints, metal prints, prints, posters, phone cases and Greeting cards with destinations to the United Kingdom will be processed and shipped locally from England or Scotland.

European destinations will receive canvas prints, framed prints, prints and posters from the closest European facility.

Canadian destinations will receive canvas prints, framed prints, prints and posters from the Canadian facility.

United States destinations will receive all products from the closest US production facility.

International orders for throw pillows, Duvet overs, Shower curtains, t-shirts, tote bags and other home decor products will continue to be shipped from the United States.  These products are worth the wait though!

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Tote Bags

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