Equine Photography – Examples of Artistic Edits

The Wind Of Heaven

There are a variety of different artistic edits that I can do with the horse photographs I capture at events or private sessions.  More complex artistic endeavours require a considerable amount of digital painting to create the final image that I see in my mind, but I also do standard Photoshop editing such as black and white conversions, background replacement and removal of distracting background items or halters, leads and bridles.

I thought I’d share the before and after examples of a black and white conversion with removal of background elements (fence post, fencing wire, trees) that enhances the original image and puts all the focus onto the horse.

Michelle Wrighton Photography horse photography

Artistic Edits - Eagleburra Park Shooting Star - rearing black and white
A few other examples of artistic edits on horse portrait photographs.
Michelle Wrighton Photography colour explosion artistic horse photography
Signature Colour Explosion artistic photography by Michelle Wrighton

Michelle Wrighton Equine Photography - Black background artistic edit

Grey Horse portrait textured background

The Wind Of Heaven Michelle Wrighton Equine Photography artistic edit

Green Eyes - Gandalf

Shadows and Light Fine Art Horse photography

Bay horse portrait photography Looking Back artistic edit

Inspiration - Horse Art artistic edit

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