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Family and Children Photography

You look at your kids and see them growing up and changing every day.  Before you know it the primary school years will be over and you will be looking towards high school and beyond.  Photographs freeze time so you will always remember them just as they are today - that toothless grin, the wild unruly hair, that freckled nose and those big, beautiful eyes.

Family portraits capture the essence of you and your family and tell the unique story of this time in your life so you can remember it forever.  And unlike the unflattering selfies on your phone, your portraits will become family heirlooms and treasured for generations.

Family sessions are not about perfect hair-dos, flawless make-up or fake 'everyone look at the camera and smile' photographs. They are simply a fun, casual, relaxed hour or so of quality time with your loved ones just being themselves - no stiff, formal posing, no fake smiles - just gentle direction that will create genuine laughter and natural, candid, personality filled photos that you will love.

Time passes, whether we are ready for it or not. There is no better time to update your family photographs than now.

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