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Men's Health - Meeting with friends is good for health

All men are now looking forward: an investigation by the Oxford University revealed that the well-being of men improves significantly when they meet with their friends at least twice a week. It is important that a meeting is held where something is done. This promotes men's health immensely.

Men who maintain a social group are, according to the report, healthier, recover faster from diseases and are more generous. Unfortunately, most men do not manage to do this men's health and thus meet with their friends, so it is only a week with friends. This is not a big circle of friends, but the regularity of the meetings.

However, the men's health meeting should consist of a maximum of 5 people. The social ties to the mates can be shaped by some great activities, which strengthens the group and makes our men happy! The activities can range from team sports to simple "drinking beer", and this just twice a week. It is also important for men's health that the 4 or 5 closest and most important friends are involved. So dear men, go out and meet with your friends, it is healthy for you!

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